Since our founding, we have committed to conduct in-depth research to underpin our work. We have developed our own methodology, outlined in our publications. The Good Analyst and The Good Investor form the basis of our work with social organisations and impact investors. These publications present best practice guidelines to organisations looking to engage with social impact measurement and provide a practical walk-through of the key processes involved in creating an impact measurement system.

Oranges and Lemons

Oranges & Lemons, an Investing for Good report on the state of play of impact measurement practices among social investment finance intermediaries. The report details how ten UK leading impact investors incorporate social impact in screening and assessing investments as well as how transactions are priced and structured and investment decisions made. It also provides a useful overview of the current state of impact measurement practices in the social finance sector and the practical challenges that investors are facing.

The Good Investor

The Good Investor is a best practice guide that provides social investors with a standard framework to support rational and effective decision-making throughout the investment process. It also lays out the essential terms and concepts in use across the sector and a comprehensive map as to how these fit into impact investment management.

It was developed in consultation with the UK's leading impact investors and experts, having been commissioned by Big Society Capital.


The Good Analyst

A methodology for impact analysis and a set of guidelines for measuring and reporting on impact. The Good Analyst draws on a decade of our impact research to provide an end-to-end set of social impact practices for use by:

  • Social-purpose organisations
  • Providers of capital to the social sector, such as grantfunders, commissioners of social services, and foundations
  • Experts engaged with the sector, including policy makers and advisers, regulators and academics and impact researchers