Introducing The Good Investor

Good Investor

The Good Investor is a best practice guide that provides social investors with a standard framework to support rational and effective decision-making throughout the investment process. 

It also lays out the essential terms and concepts in use across the sector and a comprehensive map as to how these fit into impact investment management. It was developed in consultation with the UK's leading social investors and experts, having been commissioned by Big Society Capital.

A blueprint for Investments into companies, organisations and funds that generate measurable social and environmental impact

The Good Investor offers a practical blueprint to investors looking to enter the social impact investment market, making it easier to successfully back organisations delivering positive social impact. This guide is structured around incorporating impact assessment into the various stages of the investment process, progressing from the investors' initial exposure to investment opportunities, through the screening and analysis, and onto making investment decisions, monitoring and evaluating, and reporting on the impact achieved.

The publication of The Good Investor adds to our understanding of best practice and is an immensely useful guide for any organisation seeking to implement effective decision making when making impact investments.
— Caroline Mason, Chief Executive. Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

The Good Investor is part of a collaborative initiative on a social impact framework that builds common ground in the social investment sector on impact strategies, reporting and monitoring. The partnership includes SROI Network, NPC and Deutsche Bank.

Research for The Good Investor included direct consultation with key UK social investors including Big Issue Invest, Big Society Capital, Bridges Ventures, CAF Venturesome, Deutsche Bank, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Nesta, Social Investment Business Group, Triodos Bank as well as discussions with nef, SIAA, and the UK Cabinet Office.


The Good Investor offers investors three key advantages; better impact investment and fund management, better relationships with social purpose organisations working on the front line, and better communication with commissioners and business partners.