With its expertise on impact management developed since 2004 alongside social-purpose organisations, IFG supports corporates to better integrate societal responsibility in their strategy and practices. We can support you improving your social and environmental performance on various challenges, from mitigating negative impact and integrating ESG factors, to measuring and managing the impact of your products.  Additionally, if you are launching a social business offer, we can help with defining the strategy, researching the beneficiaries and managing the impact. 

What We Offer


Our approach

Our approach is based on our best practice publications The Good Analyst and The Good Investor, and our participation in sector initiatives for sharing and building up knowledge, such as the Impact Management Project. We focus on building your capacity and skills, and helping you implement practical solutions that are a fit for your organisation’s available resource and time. 

We will help you embed impact measurement practices at the centre of your organisation, to ensure impact management becomes part of your core strategy planning and enable you to grow your impact every year.



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