We can support you to demonstrate your impact and to meet the requirements of your funders and commissioners, who are ever more demanding on the need for impact evidence. Moreover our work will help you understand and manage your impact to inform your internal decision-making and ultimately improve your impact performance. Our clients include organisations at various stages of their impact management journey, from those that have not yet formed their strategy or are not yet collecting data yet, to others at an advanced stage and looking for additional support.

What We Offer


Our approach

Our approach is based on our best practice publications The Good Analyst and The Good Investor, and our participation in sector initiatives for sharing and building up knowledge, such as the Impact Management Project. We focus on building your capacity and skills, and helping you implement practical solutions that are a fit for your organisation’s available resource and time. 

We will help you embed impact measurement practices at the centre of your organisation, to ensure impact management becomes part of your core strategy planning and enable you to grow your impact every year.


Why manage your impact

"Organisations that are capable of recognising their triumphs and failures are likely to be far more effective than those that aren’t really sure what they are achieving". The Good Analyst

Challenging your existing impact framework at regular intervals will help you refine your strategy and identify areas for improvement. Examining key service areas and your theory of change will help reveal insights about what is core to your social mission and helps re-define the relative priority of your activities. You will be more confident in your mission and model, and this work will facilitate good strategic decision making. 

Managing social impact is critical to improve your services and expand your impact. Consistent and regular data collection will allow you to learn from your impact results, identify areas of improvement, take corrective action and constantly optimise your impact generation model.

It is also critical for organisations who are looking to scale, raise investment, or win contracts. Organisations that implement best practice in  impact measurement can provide convincing evidence of the benefits of their work and are thereby empowered to make a stronger case to donors, funders, commissioners and investors. Given the highly competitive market for social sector funding, embedding good impact practice and telling a compelling story will ensure your organisation stands out from the crowd in the funding arena. This will unlock the potential for new partnerships and attract funding.

People working for a social venture are seeking a role that reflects their value.im. Show your staff and your volunteers the impact and the progress they are contributing towards. This is key to motivating them, strengthening their commitment to the project and attracting new talent.

Finally, understanding your impact will strengthen your dialogue with your beneficiaries, thereby supporting efforts to demonstrate what is achievable, to help them understand and chart their own progress; and in the case of successful impact, to recognise and celebrate change.


Why work with us

Implementing impact measurement is often perceived as technically challenging. “Only 2% of organisations find impact measurement easy, and 75% try to track longer term outcomes but find it challenging. Also, 90% collect feedback from beneficiaries, but less than half feel they do this well.” The state of play of impact measurement: Perspectives from the frontline”, Buzzacott, 2017

With a 10 year track record of providing impact measurement services to charities and social enterprises, IFG is strongly placed to support you with all your impact needs. As a social purpose and a B Corp certified organisation, we understand sectoral challenges. Working with us will provide fresh insight to analyse your strategy and processes, an understanding of funder requirements and access to methodologies and tools that are recognised as best practices globally. Giving the myriad of existing tools and the challenges in speaking a common impact language, IFG is contributing to the design of common frameworks and will help you adopt the latest standards adopted by the sector.


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