Depth of expertise across impact assessment and social investment

We work across a range of impact services centred around two complementary areas:

Social Impact Advisory

Helping social purpose organisations better measure and articulate impact for informed decision-making, effective stakeholder communication and routes into social investors


Social Investment

Connecting social purpose organisations that need investment capital with social investors who wish to put their money where it is most impactful. A whole of the market consultancy service offering social investment screening, monitoring and reporting tools for impact investors

A bias towards action, innovation and impact

Investing for Good is an impact-driven organisation, inspired by the mobilisation of finance for social good and the desire to embed rigorous social impact frameworks into the construction of innovative investments. 

Developing the social investment market

Fund and portfolio managers

Fund & Portfolio Managers

Tools, processes and frameworks to select suitable social investment criteria and create blended return portfolios



Impact fund structuring, robust impact assessment and whole of market strategic advice



Capital raising, product and fund structuring underpinned by impact measurement and reporting frameworks

Charities and Social Enterprises

Charities & Social Enterprises

Impact measurement and reporting frameworks and capital raising including social bonds



Due diligence, strategy, objective advice and reporting for mission-aligned portfolios 

Case Studies


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