The defining feature of a social investment is the intention to generate measurable social impact alongside the financial return. Outstanding social purpose organisations, who face significant funding challenges in this constrained environment yet deliver demonstrable social impact, require a straightforward product to link into socially motivated investors. Our knowledge of both the supply and demand side has catalysed the development of our Social Bond Programmes and innovative product structuring and funding models.

How We Work

Key Methodology: The Good Investor

The Good Investor methodology sets out current best practice for impact investors. It uses thorough processes to assess, manage, and report upon impact, which leads to enhanced portfolio and fund management, closer relationship with investee organisations, improved stakeholder communication, and attracts investment.

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We raise investment capital by bringing social purpose organisations delivering strong blended returns through a formal process which enables them to raise investment in mainstream capital markets. We create innovative funding models including co-developing the Arts Impact Fund, which launched in 2015. We structure flexible investment solutions to meet the needs of social purpose organisations needs and investors, taking into consideration business plans, financial profile and sources of repayment.


Who is it for?

Investors (impact portfolio and funds)


Due diligence, whole of market advice reporting for impact portfolios and funds

Impact fund structuring for Corporate businesses


Impact fund structuring

Capital raising for charities and social enterprises

Charities & Social Enterprises

Capital raising including social bond programmes

Capital raising, structuring for international NGOs


Capital raising, product and fund structuring 


What we offer

Raising capital

We advise and assist social purpose enterprises to raise capital, matching to our network of socially motivated investors... 

Product structuring

We develop innovative blended return products, based on our understanding of charity and social enterprise need and investment criteria...

Investor engagement

We have a broad network of investors, including fund managers, family offices, foundations, private banks, HNWIs and private wealth managers...


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