Impact measurement is a fundamental part of any social purpose organisation’s understanding of itself. Good impact knowledge supports transparent and informed decision-making, and makes for flexible, dynamic planning. It also enables organisations to communicate their results and inspire confidence in their approach, and thereby, to attract capital. Most importantly of all perhaps, it helps organisations and their staff to believe in what they do.

We work with charities and social enterprises to help them develop and improve their impact measurement and reporting capabilities.  We also provide independent impact reporting for our Social Bond Programmes. 

Our Methodology: The Good Analyst

The Good Analyst’s approach is to combine clear frameworks and processes with case-sensitive analysis to achieve results that are intelligent and meaningful at the individual level, while retaining a firm basis in a consistent, rationalised and common understanding.

More about The Good Analyst

Our services can be taken as stand-alone offerings or packaged together as part of a wider process:

Impact Strategy and Planning

Define mission and theory of change, choose appropriate indicators, design an Impact Plan

Impact Measurement and Reporting

Develop and implement a bespoke impact measurement and reporting system


Who is it for?



                    Robust impact assessment and strategic advice

Fund & Portfolio Managers

Tools, processes and frameworks for blended return portfolios or funds



                  Impact measurement and reporting frameworks

Charities and Social Enterprises

Charities & Social Enterprises

Impact measurement and reporting frameworks



Objective strategic advice and impact reporting 


What We Offer

Social Impact Advisory

Investing for Good has longstanding expertise in impact investment and analysis services for social purpose organisations and socially motivated investors.   We develop and implement bespoke impact measurement... 

Investment Advisory

Investing for Good provides deal origination, screening, due diligence and ongoing monitoring of the social and financial impact of investments. In a crowded marketplace, integrating impact..

Social Audit

Our social audit framework is a process-based strategic tool that enables fund and portfolio managers to objectively account for and communicate their social performance to all stakeholders 


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