Partners are individuals or businesses who either already manage, or aspire to manage, their own social purpose business and who would benefit from being able to advise investors and conduct other regulated activities such as arranging impact investment deals by accessing our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) licenses as an Appointed Representative. Partners can also use our impact evaluation tools and methodologies, access our networks and benefit from a bespoke training programme. Partners undergo a formal due diligence and selection process.

How We Work

At any time Partners will work on a range of projects to grow the market for impact investment. These may include working with clients of Investing for Good. 

Product Innovation

Developing new financial products that align social and financial returns with the interests of the social sector and socially motivated investors

Capital Raising

Supporting social sector organisations to scale their operations and impact by raising debt, equity or outcomes-based finance at scale

Advisory Projects and Research

Assisting social purpose organisations and potential funders to create financial solutions to social challenges or market intelligence that assist impact investors to deploy impact capital 


Partnership Profile

A partnership is appropriate for individuals who have had a successful career in banking, finance, consulting or the third sector and are interested in exploring how to use their expertise to make a difference in society. Partners are entrepreneurial and experienced professionals who can confidently lead the execution of capital raising and advisory mandates with clients whose business models deliver financial returns and high social impact. 

Partners must have:

  • Strong interest in how investment approaches can be used to drive social impact
  • Experience delivering complex consultancy projects 
  • Strong communication skills and experience of client management
  • Prior experience working in the social sector or volunteering 

Key Methodology: The Good Analyst

The Good Analyst was published in 2012 to provide impact consultancy services to social investors, funds, and front-line organisations. The services are tailored to individual clients, but are based on the standard methodology laid out in the methodology.

The Good Analyst’s approach is to combine clear frameworks and processes with case-sensitive analysis to achieve results that are intelligent and meaningful at the individual level, while retaining a firm basis in a consistent, rationalised and common understanding. Uniquely the methodology covers both social and financial aspects of the organisation to provide a rounded picture.

Learn more about the Good Analyst


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Why work with us?

  • Expertise in impact evaluation, access to impact methodology, analytical tools and market leading publications

  • Training on impact measurement
  • Affiliations and networks
  • FCA regulatory license (if appropriate) and compliance oversight

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