The latest survey of the world's leading impact investors, who collectively manage over USD 228 billion in impacting investing assets, suggests this is the current 'floor' when estimating the size of the market. The projections beyond that are significantly larger. Either way, in a crowded marketplace for traditional financial services, the opportunity for wealth managers and advisers to integrate impact services into portfolio management seems a logical approach to developing new business and deepen client relationships. We believe that developing a professional service for impact investing will evolve to become a necessity for private wealth managers, private banks, ethical fund managers, family offices and foundations, and that the growth strategies of these organisations will reflect their commitment to social and environmental change.


Who is it for?


Fund and Portfolio Managers

What We Offer

There are a range of options for investors to consider when engaging in impact investing, from direct investment through to a diversified portfolio of funds, blended capital models, debt or equity, and private or listed. Investing for Good brings expertise in deal origination, screening, due diligence and ongoing monitoring of the financial and social performance of impact investments. We provide whole of market advice and look in depth at the interrelation between risk, return and impact across each investment opportunity. We work either at an organisational level or on bespoke portfolios with individual clients.

Our approach is based on our best practice publications The Good Analyst and The Good Investor. We focus on building the understanding of what it means to design a portfolio for impact, and how to know whether the intended impact has been achieved. We help implement practical solutions that are appropriate to a clients' resources, time and interest.