Our mission is to mobilise money for social good. 

We help organisations that have a demonstrable social mission to raise capital from impact investors. We structure simple and effective investment solutions and through our evaluation frameworks and reporting methodologies we ensure that the commitment to reporting on the social impact achieved continues throughout the period of the investment. We do not believe in an expensive layer of management fees as social value is generated by investees and not by financial intermediaries.

Who is it for?


Charities & Social Enterprises



International NGOs


What We Offer

Raising Investment and Fund Solutions

We have specialised in structuring blended capital funds and social bond programmes since 2010, but we are always drawn to developing innovative financing solutions to further the mission of impact investing. For our investees we take into account the structure of the organisation, the business model, its financial profile and sources of repayment. We ensure that the investment keeps the mission of the organisation intact. We can bring in legal counsel, typically on pro bono terms, and prepare investor marketing and presentation documents. 

Our investors comprise institutional investors and investment funds that have a social mission, foundations, family offices and high net worth individuals. These are categorised as professional and eligible counter-parties by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are seeing increasing allocations from impact investors for specific social purposes.

See examples of our work below, detailing how we have helped charities issue social bonds, and how we structure blended capital funds, including an innovative social investment fund for the Arts. 

Investor Engagement

Our investor network includes fund managers, family offices, foundations, private banks, HNWIs, private wealth managers and social investment funds. These investors are interested in employing a proportion of their capital to generate social impact, a trend mirrored in the global movement for impact investing. 

With multiple routes into institutional investors, Investing For Good is in a strong position to help mission-led organisations with their capital raising objectives.

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