Impact Services - Social Investment Business

Social Investment Business (SIB) Group, one of the largest social investors in the UK, turned to Investing for Good to embed social impact into its investment process and to undertake an annual impact audit of the organisation’s existing funds, benchmarked against industry best practice. Investing for Good also provided SIB with a range of support and services for its investees and key stakeholders. We gave training sessions to SIB investment team managers and delivered a set of support materials for SIB investees, including videos, guidelines and case studies, to help them evidence their social impact.

Subsequently SIB commissioned us to conduct an impact study and test a list of outcomes and related metrics on past investments. The aim was to create a baseline under a new process to capture impact data more efficiently. An internal impact working group compiled key metric areas for testing on ten investees. Investing for Good was appointed to analyse and complete the list of indicators as well as to field-test these assessments and put forward steps to undertake for the implementation of a more unified impact approach. We ensured our recommendations were clear, concise and straightforward to implement.