Impact investing - International Planned Parenthood Federation

Evaluating the potential for a social enterprise acceleration programme fund for IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation)

IPPF is a global NGO providing reproductive health and family planning services in over 180 countries. The organisation sought to leverage the experience of Investing for Good to evaluate the potential for a social enterprise acceleration programme fund that aims to support its member countries to initiate or grow income-generating activities. As well as creating transformational change, IPPF seeks to reduce reliance on donor models and diversify its funding sources. There is great potential in taking advantage of the significant growth potential offered by social enterprise and harnessing business strategies to support the delivery of the NGO’s overarching social mission.

Investing for Good analysed the different needs and level of support required of its member countries. We also examined the design of an investment readiness tool and put forward initial eligibility criteria for an investment fund, making recommendations for its future implementation through a commingled structure. Through this innovation, IPPF will grow social enterprises whose revenues can be used to support service delivery and adapt to increasing needs to secure health services for millions around the world.