About Us

connecting money to social value

Investing for Good was founded 10 years ago on the basis of a deeply-felt belief - that the positive use of money can change the world.

Investing for Good mobilises investment capital into social purpose organisations to generate social good. We are inspired by the possibility of this new class of social investments and are dedicated to our task of mobilising mainstream investment capital to invest for good.

Investing for Good has been an innovator and thought leader in a number of areas and has helped to develop the social investment market in the UK. Investing for Good was an early adopter of the Community Interest Company (CIC) structure and Investing for Good's subsidiary, SIMCIC was the first FCA regulated CIC in the UK.


The Emergence of a New Investment Philosophy 

Impact investing and social impact measurement are at the centre of a remarkable convergence of governments, global bodies, financial institutions, private investors, foundations, charities and social enterprises. 

At a time when the world is rethinking its values and capitalism itself is under intense scrutiny, Investing for Good argues for a system which reshapes for the better the relationship between money, impact, and the society in which we live. 

The implications of a new theory of investment capital are bold and can seem imposing. Yet already a new generation sees impact investing as a progressive new investment philosophy that blurs the line between business and social business and to the benefit of wider society. 



We arrange social bonds for outstanding charities and social enterprises that want to scale their organisations using unrestricted, unsecured finance